Enriched Live Resin Vape Pen: Creamy Apples & Banana - Waferz

Enriched Live Resin Vape Pen: Creamy Apples & Banana

The enriched live resin pen offers an experience a step above the rest by blending Waferz classic live resin, produced from high quality, prize-winning flower, with flavors naturally found in exotic cannabis cultivars. The classic Waferz flower backbone is diligently paired with distinct flavors that bring out the best, most aromatic vaping experience while leveraging the entourage effect to deliver a complex, one-of-a-kind high.

A new addition to the Waferz collection, Creamy Apples and Bananas is an ambitious blend of the  potent Berries and Cream live resin with a touch of natural apple & banana flavors. The result: a crisp & fruity smoothie of smoke that makes a lasting impression on even the most refined of palettes.

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