Triple-Infused Joints

The Waferz Triple Infused joint consists of high quality, meticulously curated indoor flower nugs featuring the most sought after Waferz genetics, paired with a trifecta of premium extracts produced from CA grown fresh frozen cannabis. The robust hemp joint paper ensures an even burn and enhances the all-natural smoking experience. The innermost infusion of the Waferz Triple infused joint consists of Live Resin Diamonds manufactured in-house from fresh frozen flower originating from classic Waferz genetics, ground and spread evenly throughout the flower. The outside of the joint is coated in a thin, slow burning layer of Waferz Live Resin that carries the deep and complex taste and aromatic profile Waferz cannabis is known for. The joint is dusted with a fine bubble hash made using traditional techniques that preserve the full spectrum of the cannabis plant compounds most vital to the well-rounded, potent effect emblematic of premium solventless extracts. Together, all of these Waferz ingredients create a powerful, long-lasting, and mouthwatering smoke bound to be an unforgettable experience.