Premium Cannabis Flower

Since first making waves in the SF Bay Area “exotics” revolution with its original flagship “Waferz” strain, WAFERZ has now spread across all of California baking up the finest in indoor craft cannabis.

For at least the past decade, WAFERZ has conducted a carefully curated breeding program with the Original Waferz genetics to add eight more potent and delicious flavors suitable for any kind of vibe. We’ve got those tasty exotics on deck with our Neapolitan, Banana Pudding, Oreo, Rainbow Sherbet, Orange Creamsicle, and Tropical Cherry offerings. And those looking for that old school gas will surely find it in the Original Waferz and Mint strains.

Whether as an eighth, or as a pre-roll, WAFERZ has the flower for all occasions, is a must-have for any dispensary, and a reliable go-to for every budtender!